Cleanse your Current RMS data

Cleanse your data regularly to make sure that you get the most out of your data.

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Current RMS is fully scalable, meaning that it can handle all the data that you can throw at it! Having said that, it’s good practice to review and cleanse your data periodically to be sure that your data is working for you.

Not sure where to begin? Follow our steps below.


When you were first setting up Current, your Resources section was probably perfectly tidy and up-to-date. As you start to book out jobs, buy new gear, and move things in and out of the quarantine, it’s easy for things to become a little messy.

Keep your products and stock levels up to date to be sure you’ve got an accurate representation of your inventory. 

Inventory Check

Taking regular inventory checks can help you be sure that your availability is reliable and highlights any discrepancies in your stock levels.

With Current’s Inventory Check, you can audit your whole product catalog or check by product, product groups, stock type, or tags - it’s flexible depending on your workflow (or time). 

People and Organizations

If you’ve found yourself putting together a job quickly for a new client and added the organization against the opportunity, you may have missed out a few contact details. Edit the company in People and Organizations to add additional contact info - give yourself plenty of ways to reach them!

  • Check addresses and contact details are updated and correct.

  • If duplicate organizations appear in your system, merge them.

  • Keep your list clutter free by making organizations you no longer work with inactive.


Activities are a great way to remind yourself to do things, as well as recording what’s been done so that all of your team are in the loop. Tame those overdue activities.

  • Where you’ve done an activity but not told Current, complete it and record the outcome. 

  • Plan to do something later? Use the handy Reschedule action against an activity and enter a new date.


When gear’s going out as fast as it’s coming back, it’s easy to neglect your Opportunities section. Good housekeeping means that you’ll have a focused view of what needs your attention.

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