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Finalize (complete) your services

Finalize your services to confirm that they are completed and the details you entered were correct.

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When you finalize all products and services, an opportunity is automatically completed. 

Finalize services at any point – you don’t need to allocate bookable resources, confirm, or book out your services to finalize. 

Get started

To get started, switch to the services view by clicking the green services view button at the top of the items list on an opportunity. 

Finalize services

Click or tap on the blue finalize services button. On the Finalize services box that appears, tick the services that you wish to finalize and click the blue Finalize services button at the bottom. 

When finalized, your services will be marked as completed in the services view and Resource Planner. Completed services cannot be modified.

Complete an opportunity manually

Once all products and services on an opportunity have been checked-in and finalized, it is automatically completed. In some cases, this might not automatically happen and you'll see a Complete Opportunity link under Actions instead.

You can un-complete an opportunity by clicking Un-complete opportunity under Actions.

Common questions

Can I un-finalize a service?

No. Once services have been finalized, you can't un-finalize them.

How do I finalize products?

Warehouse operations for your products are managed separately to your services on an opportunity. Head to the detail view on the opportunity to finalize your services. See: Finalize (complete) your products

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