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What's an opportunity?
What's an opportunity?

Use opportunities to manage the whole order process in Current RMS.

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You might call them jobs, quotations, estimates, proposals, inquiries, contacts, proformas, or a variety of other terms. 

We use the word “opportunity” as it encompasses the whole rental cycle – from general information capture, through to quoting, right up to invoicing. They’re for potential business as well as confirmed orders.

How does the process work?

To help you manage each step of the rental cycle, there's four main stages of an opportunity in Current RMS: 

  • inquiry

  • draft

  • quotation

  • order

You'll see these represented by a segmented circle that fills up as you bring your opportunity closer to completion.

How do I work with these stages?

Create an opportunity at any of the stages and convert it to the next stage as it becomes more confirmed. They’re really flexible and designed to adapt to your workflow. 

  • Easily convert to the next stage, all the information you entered already is preserved.

  • Start at any stage.

  • Use as many or as few of the opportunity stages as you need.

  • Edit as your job changes, it's easy to change details.

If you’re doing a simple dry rental for a regular customer, you may just want to create an order, book the kit out, and send an invoice. On the other hand, a new prospect who calls asking for full production event might start as an inquiry that you follow through all of the stages.  

What will I do in my opportunity?

It's where of all of your rental or event details go.

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