What’s an activity?

Set reminders or to-dos for you or colleagues using activities.

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If you’ve used a CRM solution (customer relationship management) before, you’ll probably be familiar with activities. Activities are a way of setting reminders or to-dos for yourself or for your colleagues. 

Completed activities stay on your system for your reference, leaving you with a full trail of any activity regarding a customer, colleague, or opportunity. This gives you insight into your business operations and improves your level of service.

Use Activities to:

You don’t need to use activities to use Current RMS, but they’re a great way of keeping on top of you and your colleague’s schedules.

Where can you create activities?

Activities are created regarding records in Current RMS, e.g. regarding an organization in People & Organizations or regarding an opportunity.

Generally speaking, anywhere you see “Pending Activities” in Current, you’ll be able to add an activity. 

If an activity isn’t really regarding anything, e.g. it’s just something that you need to do, then create it in Activities > Activities.

Get notified of your activities

When you’ve set up activities, you’ll want to be notified of them so you know to get them done. Current will remind you in a few ways:

  • On the dashboard, the “activities starting today” and “overdue activities tiles” let you know of any activities that need your attention.

  • Add activities to your calendar by subscribing to your activities iCal feed. Calendar apps can often be set up to give you notifications before an activity is due.

  • Sign up for the daily summary email. Each day, you’ll receive an email with a summary of key information from your Current RMS system, including a list of any activities starting today.

See a list of all activities

Head to Activities > Activities to view a list of all pending activities across your company. 

View all activities regarding a particular record by hitting view all activities under the Pending Activities heading. 

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