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Complete, follow up, or reschedule an activity
Complete, follow up, or reschedule an activity

Mark an activity as completed to record the outcome and remove it from your Pending Activity lists.

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When you’ve done an activity, mark it as completed in Current RMS to record the outcome for you and your colleagues and tell the system it doesn’t require any further action. Alternatively, reschedule an activity if you didn’t get around to it.

Here are your options:

  • Complete 

  • Complete and schedule a follow up activity

  • Reschedule the activity

Complete an activity

To complete an activity, find the activity and click into it, then click Complete activity under Actions on the right-hand side.

On the complete activity screen, set the activity status and enter the date you completed the activity. If you’ve any notes about this, enter them in the Completion note field, e.g. call notes.

The completion note is created as a discussion against the activity.

Complete and schedule follow up

Often when you complete an activity, there’s something else to do. For example, you might contact a customer and they ask for an email follow up. Hit complete and schedule follow up under Actions for the activity in these cases.

Set the completion status of the original activity at the top.

Then, set the details for the follow up activity at the bottom. The details you’ll find here are similar to the details you see when creating an activity, with some additional options:

  • Copy participants
    Everyone who was a participant of the original activity will be copied to the new activity.

  • Copy tags
    All of the tags on the original activity will be copied to the new activity

  • Copy custom data
    If you’ve set up custom fields, these will be copied over from the original activity to the new one.


Didn’t get around to it? Reschedule the activity to quickly change the due date. Just hit Reschedule under Actions.

Reinstate a completed activity

Once you’ve completed an activity, a new Reinstate option shows up under Actions. Click this to re-open the activity, providing you with completion options again. 

Find completed activities

Completed activities are marked as inactive so they’re removed from your default views. 

To see completed activities in Activities, filter the view to see inactive activities. 

To see completed activities regarding a record in Current RMS, click view all activities at the bottom-right of the “Pending Activities” section.

Common questions

How do I complete tasks for service bookings?

When you assign a bookable resource to a service on an opportunity, Current RMS automatically creates an activity with the type “task” for the bookable resource. 

To complete these activities, you’ll need to complete the services on the opportunity. Check out: Finalize (complete) your services

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