Merge duplicate organizations

Keep your People & Organizations tidy by merging duplicate organizations.

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As you grow, you might find duplicate organizations creeping into your People & Organizations. This is especially true if your team tend to create organizations when building opportunities.

Use the Merge Organizations feature in Current RMS to combine duplicate organizations. 

Get started

Find the duplicate organization in People & Organizations. The duplicate organization is the unneeded record that you’d like to copy data from and remove.

Choose Merge Organizations under Actions.

Enter the name of the organization that you’d like to merge into. This is the record that you want to copy data to and that you want to keep after the merge.

When you’re done, click Merge. We copy the information from the duplicate organization to the organization that you selected. After merging, all of the information shows against the organization that you selected and the duplicate organization is deleted.

⚠️   Merging organizations is permanent. Be sure that everything is correct before proceeding.

What’s merged?

From the duplicate organization, we copy: 

  • Projects

  • Opportunities

  • Invoices

  • Purchase orders

  • Product revenue

  • Invoice payment

  • Sub-rented assets

  • Quarantines

  • Opportunity costs

  • Products and service supplier costs

  • Linked contacts

  • Attachments

  • Discussions and comments

  • Linked contacts

  • Activities

Where the duplicate organization is a participant on a record, we also add the merged organization as a participant to the record.

What’s not merged?

We don’t merge attributes against the organization, such as:

  • Tags

  • Telephone numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Web links

  • Addresses

If you’ve integrated with Xero or QuickBooks Online, the linked contact in those systems remains intact.

How can I tell an organization was merged?

Check Recent Actions under the “Actions” heading on an organization page to see if an organization was merged.

You may also head to System Setup > Actions Log to view Actions across the system. Choose “Merge” as the action type to see all merged organization actions.

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