Add participants to a variety of screens to specify who’s involved or associated with something.

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You’ll see the option to add participants on many of the screens in your Current RMS system. Participants provide you with a way of saying who or what is associated or involved with a record in Current.

Who can be a participant?

Participants are organizations, contacts, users, venues, or vehicles that you have added to People & Organizations.

Where can I add participants?

You may add participants to:

Opportunity and project participants

Adding a participant to an opportunity or project is a good way of listing anyone who’s involved with an event or job.

  • When a user or contact is a participant of an opportunity, you’ll see it listed under the “Opportunities” section on their page in People & Organizations.

  • All participants are included automatically when creating a discussion from a document layout on an opportunity.

  • Participants may be displayed on document layouts. They’re not shown on any of our default documents. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help add this for you.


When creating an activity, add participants to specify who or what is involved with the activity. 


A participant is somebody involved in a discussion, i.e. somebody who will get a discussion message. 

  • You’re automatically added as a participant.

  • The first work email address against the contact, organization, venue, or user is used to send discussion messages.

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