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How does the QuickBooks Online integration work?
How does the QuickBooks Online integration work?

Post invoices & credits from Current RMS to QuickBooks Online and maintain one database of organizations.

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Use our QuickBooks Online integration to post invoices straight from Current RMS to Quickbooks and keep your organizations up-to-date between the systems. 

What is QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

Used by over 1 million paying customers, QB Online has been specifically designed for small businesses and accountants. 

  • Manage all of your expenses, quickly and efficiently.

  • Record all sales, purchases and bills and run reports off these.

  • Send out professional looking invoices.

Find out more or try QuickBooks Online Accounting Software for free.

How does the integration work?

There’s three key parts to our integration with QBO:

  • Create links between organizations in Current and contacts in QBO
    When you create an organization in Current, a new linked contact is automatically created in QBO. And when you update an organziation in Current, the contact in QBO is kept up-to-date! 

  • Import and export organizations
    Use our import and export tools to import QBO customers to Current or export Current RMS organizations to QBO.

  • Post invoices and credits straight to QBO
    Once integrated, there’s a new post invoice option on the invoice screen to post an invoice directly to QBO.  

Which version of QBO do I need?

QBO comes in a variety of plans depending on your business needs. Current RMS should work with all of these plans. 

We don’t integrate with QuickBooks Desktop, only QuickBooks Online. 

Do I need the integration with QBO?

You don’t need to use QBO (or Xero) to use Current RMS. 

Current comes with some accounting functionality built-in: create invoices and credits – including part invoices – and log payments against them. For some businesses, this might be all you need. 

If you’re looking for advanced functionality such as bank reconciliation, customer account statements, expense tracking, or payroll, then you should consider an accounts package like QBO. 

QBO or Xero?

We also provide an integration with Xero, another cloud-based accounts solution. Interested in the differences between the integrations? Check out: Differences between the Xero and QuickBooks Online integrations  

Next steps

Your rental management solution and your accounts package are two of the most critical parts of your rental business, so it’s important to get the integration right. 

To get started, see our guide: Set up the QuickBooks Online integration 

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