Much more than a simple database of all of your customers, the People & Organizations section of your Current RMS system gives you a complete picture of all of your customer and colleague interactions. 

As well as storing contact details, People & Organizations pulls in links to all other areas of the system; whenever you create an opportunity or schedule an activity, you’ll be able to see it from one central place.

Use People & Organizations to...

  • Store your customer and contact details, including multiple telephone numbers, addresses, websites, and social media links.
  • Link contacts to organizations and venues so you can see who's associated.
  • See a complete history of your opportunities with a client.
  • Set up a database of venues that you frequently deliver to.
  • Make contacts, users, and venues available for services that you provide.
  • Export directly to MailChimp, or download data to a CSV spreadsheet for import into another solution.
  • Keep your organizations in sync with an online accounting solution.

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