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Manage global check-in sessions
Manage global check-in sessions

See global check-in sessions you and your team are working on.

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Current RMS works where you work, meaning you might have Current open on multiple devices at once. For this reason, global check-in works using “sessions.”

What is a global check-in session?

A global check-in session is an instance where a global check-in has been started. For example, a new session is created:

  • when you close and reopen your desktop browser.

  • when you sign out and sign in to Current RMS on the same browser.

  • for each computer or device that you sign in to Current RMS on.

  • if you sign in to Current RMS on different browsers on the same device.

View other sessions

To see other global check-in sessions, click the wrench at the top-right to access the Global Check-in Settings screen, then click View other sessions.

Listed here you’ll see any sessions that have not been been completed, including sessions you were working on recently. Hit view to open the session on the screen. 

Take ownership of another session

Once viewing another session, start checking-in or make changes to check-ins on a global check-in to take ownership of it.

Remove global check-in sessions

To remove a global check-in session, view it in then reset all global check-ins on it. 

You can reset all check-ins at once by ticking the boxes to the left of the items in the list and clicking reset at the top.

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