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Set up two factor authentication
Set up two factor authentication

To further secure your Current RMS account, enable two factor authentication (2FA) to provide an additional layer of security.

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You’re probably familiar with two factor authentication if you use services like Google Suite, Apple iCloud, or Xero. It’s sometimes called two step authentication or verification.

With two factor enabled, in addition to supplying your email address and password when logging in, you’ll also need to enter a unique code. This code is generated by an app on your smartphone, proving that it’s really you.

You’ll need an authentication key each time you sign in.

Why use two factor authentication (2FA)?

Two factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your account. Even if your password falls into the wrong hands, a malicious individual would still require the unique code generated by your device to log in.

We recommend all users enable two factor authentication for their Current RMS account or enable Single Sign On (SSO) with Google or Microsoft. If you use SSO, Google and Microsoft accounts may also be set up with two factor authentication.

Get started

Two factor is enabled on a per-account basis. To turn on for your account, edit your profile by clicking your icon at the top-right and choosing Edit your profile from the menu.

On the next screen, click Enable Two Factor Authentication to get started.

Download or use your preferred Two-Factor Authentication application

You are can select to use your preferred Two-Factor Authentication application on your mobile device, and follow the prompts for the authenticator to add Current RMS.
Options include: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and others.

Once installed, navigate on your selected application to the relevant QR scanner to Add Account.

Enter the Two-Factor Authentication token

Your Two-Factor Authentication application should send a notification to your device to let you know Current RMS has been added to your account. Tap this notification to grab your code. If not, open your Two-Factor Authentication app and you should see Current RMS. 

Enter the token at the prompt and choose Enable my account.

Remember that tokens have a 30 second lifespan, so the token might change while you’re inputting it if you’re close to the end of the timer.

Once you select Verify Code it can take a few seconds to complete the verification process. The system will then return you to the Edit User Account page.

Disable Two-Factor Authentication

To remove Two-Factor Authentication edit your profile by clicking your icon at the top-right and choosing Edit your profile from the menu. And select Disable Two-Factor Authentication as shown below:

Sign in with Two-Factor Authentication

Once enabled, signing in with two factor is simple. From your sign in screen, enter your email address and password as normal. At this point Current will then prompt you for your Two-Factor Authentication token.

Open your Authentication app and enter the token you see. Hit Check Token to log in.

Having trouble?

Contact the Customer Success team using the green help bubble below or at we’ll see what we can do ↘️

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