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Troubleshoot your WooCommerce integration
Troubleshoot your WooCommerce integration

Some common error messages and how to resolve them.

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Having trouble with our WooCommerce integration? This guide runs through common errors and how to resolve them.

In most instances, the error message displayed will be the red box pictured below. We’ll run through how to resolve the various errors that can result in this message in more detail in this guide.

The store URL is incorrect

Check the URL protocol (HTTP vs HTTPS) is entered correctly when entering your WooCommerce Store address. You'll also need to ensure the forward slash (/) is removed from the end of the Store URL.

If you do not specify the protocol in the Store URL, it will assume the protocol is HTTPS, which could lead to an error for sites using a HTTP protocol.

The WooCommerce store is not using ‘pretty’ permalinks

Ensure the WooCommerce store is using ‘pretty’ permalinks. According to the WooCommerce API documentation, pretty permalinks must be enabled for our integration to work.

Permalinks is short for ‘permanent links’, and each product has a permanent link on your website. WordPress enables users to choose between plain and pretty permalinks, with the pretty option making the URL tidier and easier to read.

Change this setting by heading to Settings > Permalinks in WordPress.

Choosing any option other than plain here should resolve this error.

Check your API keys

Ensure your API keys have not been revoked in your WooCommerce settings. If your key has been revoked, the connection to Current will no longer work. You can disconnect and reconnect the integration to create a new API key.

When you connect to WooCommerce for the first time, an API key is created. These can be viewed and revoked by heading to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Rest API on the WordPress admin site.

Please Note

The WooCommerce integration is currently in the beta stage. Please contact or use the chat bubble with any feedback for our team.

Still having trouble? 🤷

Don’t worry! If you are still having issues after reading through this guide, use the green help bubble at the bottom-right to start a conversation with our team ↘️

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