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Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Welcome to Current RMS
    2. Getting started
    3. Dashboard
    4. Tag Cloud
    5. Discussions
  2. People & Organisations 

    1. People & Organisations
    2. View a contact or organisation
    3. Create a contact or organisation
    4. Set up venues
    5. Make a contact, user, or venue a bookable resource
  3. Opportunities 

    1. Opportunities
    2. Create or amend an opportunity
    3. Use the shopping cart to quickly create a draft
    4. Use the picker to add products and services to an opportunity
    5. Add products and services using the add new item screen
  4. Projects 

    1. Projects
    2. Creating and Amending a Project
    3. Invoice a project
    4. Project Actions
  5. Invoices & Credits 

    1. Invoices & Credits
    2. Get an overview of your invoices & credits
    3. View an invoice or credit
    4. Create an invoice from an opportunity or project
    5. Create part or percentage invoices for deposits or other part payments
  6. Products 

    1. Products
    2. Create a product
    3. Add rates to your product
    4. Create stock levels for your products
    5. How do packages or kits work in Current RMS?
  7. Services & Vehicles 

    1. Services
    2. View a service
    3. View a vehicle
    4. Create services for crew, transport, room bookings, and other charges
    5. Add vehicles
  8. Availability & Resource Planner 

    1. What is availability?
    2. Get an overview of availability across your company
    3. View availability for a particular product
    4. View availability for an opportunity
    5. Resource Planner
  9. Quarantine 

    1. What is the quarantine?
    2. The quarantine main screen
    3. Creating a Quarantine Job
    4. Quarantine Actions
    5. Sub Rent Products in Quarantine
  10. Activities 

    1. Activities
    2. Create & amend an activity
    3. Record a period of unavailability for your bookable resources
    4. Activity Actions
    5. Calendars
  11. Reports 

    1. Reports
  12. Favourites 

    1. Favourites
  13. System Setup 

    1. Preferences
    2. Users
    3. Roles & Role Membership
    4. Custom Fields
    5. List of Values
  14. Rental Charging 

    1. Daily Multiplier and Factor Rate Engine
    2. Daily Rate Engine
    3. Fixed Rate and Subs Days Engine
    4. Fixed Rate Engine
    5. Hourly Multiplier and Factor Rate Engine
  15. Importing & Exporting Data 

    1. Getting Ready for Data Import
    2. Importing Data
    3. Exporting Data
    4. Example Import Files
    5. Contact Import File
  16. Document Layouts 

    1. How does the document layout modification service work?
    2. Document Layouts
    3. Liquid Syntax
    4. Company Object
    5. Organisation Object
  17. Integrations 

    1. Configuring the Xero Integration
    2. Linking an organisation to a Xero contact
    3. Add a link in Xero from a Contact to a Current Organisation
    4. Posting an Invoice or Credit to Xero
    5. Take payment (Xero)
  18. FAQs 

    1. What is the difference between Organisations and Contacts?
    2. Can I add discounts to my products/opportunities?
    3. Can I use Current when I'm out of the office?
    4. What are tags used for?
    5. Can I set up sub-product groups in Current?
  19. Troubleshooting 

    1. Why won't my tags save?
    2. Why does my product show as having zero (or negative) stock available?
    3. Why can't I add an item to an opportunity?
    4. How do I finalise a sales-only opportunity?
    5. Why doesn't my invoice have a number?
  20. All articles 

    1. What is the difference between Organisations and Contacts?
    2. Daily Multiplier and Factor Rate Engine
    3. Preferences
    4. Activities
    5. Favourites
    203 articles 

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