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Troubleshoot your Sage integration
Troubleshoot your Sage integration

Some common error messages and how to resolve them.

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Having trouble with our Sage integration? This guide runs through some common error messages and how to resolve them.

The organization is not mapped to a Sage contact

This error occurs when the organization associated with an invoice isn’t linked to a contact in Sage.

To resolve, head to the organization page in People & Organizations and edit it. In the “Linked Sage Contact” field, enter the name of the contact in Sage that you’d like to link this organization to.

If the contact isn’t created in Sage, head to Sage and create it there. Then edit the organization in Current RMS to create the link.

Revenue Group is not mapped to a Sage Account

This error message comes about when you’ve not mapped a revenue group against an invoice line item to an account in Sage.

To resolve, go to System Setup > Integrations > Sage and make sure all of your Revenue Group Mappings are correct. You’ll also want to make sure that your default account code is set.

Invoice # must be unique. Failed to post invoice.

When you posting an invoice from Current, Sage will check to make sure the invoice number is unique. An invoice will fail to post if the invoice number has already been used.

Set your invoice numbering sequence in Current RMS in System Preferences. You might like to add an invoice number prefix to invoices created in Current to avoid clashes with numbers in Sage.

Once you’ve changed your invoice numbering sequence, void the invoice with the overlapping number in Current by clicking Void Invoice under Actions from the invoice page.

Invoice number cannot be longer than 9 characters

Our integration creates invoices and credit notes in Sage using the invoice and credit number from Current RMS.

Invoices posted to Sage must have a number of 9 digits or less, though prefixes do not count towards the invoice number limit. If you need to, you can change your invoice numbering sequence in Current RMS in System Preferences.

⚠️ Users may opt to reduce the ‘number length’ here as any leading zeros will count towards the count when using a prefix.

Invoices cannot be posted to Sage whilst the 'Catalogue prices include tax' option is enabled.

Our integration only supports the ‘Excluding Tax’ option due to how Sage calculates tax. This setting can be changed by heading to System Setup > Preferences.

Invoice Address is required

When posting an invoice to Sage, the organization’s linked Sage contact requires an address. For more on importing Organizations to and from Sage, see: Import and Export Organizations from Sage.

EU Sales description ID required 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷

Our integration does not support certain postings in instances where Sage requires an EU Sales Description ID.

The most common instance where this might occur would be for users in Northern Ireland trading with EU customers. For a full list of scenarios where this description is required, see: Sage - changes coming with end of Brexit transitional period

Getting an error you don’t see here?

Click the green help bubble in the bottom right of your screen to run this by a member of our team. ↘️

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