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Set up the WooCommerce integration
Set up the WooCommerce integration

Follow our step-by-step guide to enable the integration between Current RMS and WooCommerce.

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Use our WooCommerce integration to push a product catalogue from Current RMS to a Wordpress website.

We’ve broken down the setup into 7 stages. Depending on how you are wanting the integration to function however, you might not need to complete all of these steps here:

  1. Enable the integration

  2. Connect to WooCommerce

  3. Configure your product catalogue

  4. Product Group mappings

  5. Description mappings

  6. Export to WooCommerce

  7. Create / update product options

Get started 🏁

Head to System Setup > Integrations > WooCommerce to start setting up the configuration.

Enable the integration

Toggle the ‘Enabled’ slider to YES to begin.

When the slider is set to YES, the ‘Include in Webshop' option become visible in your Current RMS system, allowing you to choose which products are included in the integration.

Connect to WooCommerce

Hit the Connect to WooCommerce button to authorize the connection between Current RMS and your WooCommerce plug-in.

A window will open prompting you to login to WooCommerce if you are not already signed in - you will just need to accept the terms of the integration there to continue.

If you have any connection errors at this stage, then please try clearing the connection and re-connecting. Otherwise please contact WooCommerce support regarding the configuration of your site.

Configure your product catalogue

Choose which products pull through to WooCommerce by toggling the 'Include in Webshop’ option to YES on Current RMS product pages.

If you need to do this in bulk, you can do so by heading to System Setup > Export Data and choosing product from the list there.

You can then edit the data in the ‘Include in Webshop’ column of the .CSV file, before reimporting in System Setup > Import Data.

More information on this process in the guide below:

Product Group mappings

Use product group mappings to specify the WooCommerce category that your products should use. If the category is left blank, then the Default Category will be used.

Edit the Default Category setting to tell the integration which category to choose when one is not specified in the Product Group mappings section.

When Use Current product group is selected - Current RMS product groups will be created as categories in WooCommerce automatically upon export.

Use the blue refresh icon to reload these lists during this process if needed.

Description mappings

Use the Short and Long Description settings to map text fields from Current RMS to your WooCommerce products.

Products in Current only have one description field by default - so there is the option to pull through data from Custom Fields with the type of Text or String to these fields as well.

More info on creating custom fields can be found in our guide: Store additional data by creating custom fields

Export to WooCommerce

When you're ready - use the Export products button to create a new WooCommerce product for each Current product with the 'Include in Webshop' setting enabled.

This action will also update Current Products that are already linked to a WooCommerce Product.

Create / Update Settings

Choose how you would like new and updated products to be handled by the integration.

Create a linked WooCommerce Product when creating a Product?

When set to YES, products created in Current RMS will be automatically created in WooCommerce.

Update the linked WooCommerce Product when editing a Product?

When set to YES, products edited in Current RMS will be automatically updated in WooCommerce.

Please Note

The WooCommerce integration is currently in the beta stage. Please contact or use the chat bubble with any feedback for our team.

Getting an error message?

Check out our troubleshooting guide on the link below:

Need a hand getting set up? 💬

That's absolutely fine! If you need anything, use the green help bubble at the bottom-right to start a conversation with our Customer Success team ↘️

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