Integrated your Current RMS system with Xero or QuickBooks Online? In order to post an invoice for this organization, you’ll need to link it to a contact in Xero or customer in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Once linked, you’ll see a “Xero Contact” or “QuickBooks Customer” link under Actions. 

Automatically create new linked contacts

Current RMS can automatically create linked Xero contacts or QBO customers when you create organizations. Enable this in your integration settings.

If you’re creating an organization in Current RMS and there’s already a contact in your accounting solution, when creating the organization enter the name of the contact in Xero or QBO in the Linked contact field.

After you type the first three letters, Current will auto-suggest from contacts in your accounting solution.

⚠️️  If you have the “update a linked contact when editing an organization” option turned on in your accounting integration settings and you link a contact here, any information in your accounting solution will be replaced with information from this page in Current RMS. 

Import or export organizations en masse

On the settings screen for your accounting solution in System Setup > Integrations, you may import or export organizations en masse. Check out: Import and export organizations from Xero

You can also link organizations to Xero contacts or QBO customers by exporting a list of your organizations in Current RMS.

  • For Xero, add a “Linked Xero contact” column and enter the Contact ID from Xero (e.g. B5B40C60-F4A4-4D32-B3F4-8CD54787DAED).
  • For QBO, add a “Linked QuickBooks customer” column and enter the Name ID from QBO (e.g. 58).
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