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Filter the information in Products
Filter the information in Products

Choose what information you see in Resources > Products

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Your initial view in Products is a catalog view of all of the active kit that you rent and sell – presented with pictures, rates, and stock availability information.

It’s easy to filter the view to see just what you need:

  • Show only products in a particular product group.

  • Use Filter Selection to access common filtering options.

  • Drill down using the tag cloud.

  • Create custom views for advanced filtering options, including creating a table view.

In this guide, we’ll walk through each of these methods.

Choose product group 

Click Product Group under the search box at the top to see only products in a particular product group.

Filter selection

For quick access to common filtering options, use Filter Selection. To access, head to Resources > Products, click on View and choose Filter Selection.


By default, Current RMS hides anything in Products that you’ve set to not active to keep your Current RMS clutter-free. Choose to see inactive or all using the radio buttons at the top.


Tick boxes to filter the view

  • Rental
    Show products that are set up to rent.

  • Sale
    Show products that are set up to sell.

  • Favorite
    Show products that you have favorited. 

Keep in mind that these tick boxes are joined together using AND criteria. This means that Current RMS finds records that match ALL of the options you’ve selected. 

Tag cloud

You’re probably familiar with tags from other cloud-based solutions – they’re a great way to search and sort your data. 

To filter by tag, hit the tag cloud icon at the top-right of Products. Then simply click on tags!

Tags aren’t hierarchical like folders. This means that you can click on multiple tags to really drill down. 

Custom views

If you need more advanced filtering options, custom views are definitely the way to go. Custom views let you see and sort the data throughout your Current RMS system. They let you build your own tables with just the data you need.

To create a custom view, hover over View and click the green create button that appears.

  1. Give your view a Name.

  2. Choose what kind of data you’d like to see in the Module.

  3. Set attributes – these are the columns that you will see in the table.

  4. Choose Filters – these work in the same way the filters above work.

  5. For advanced filtering, add criteria. You can join criteria using AND or OR criteria, letting you build really powerful queries.

We’ve a guide that runs through custom views in detail, see: Custom views

Next steps

Filtered the data, now what?

  • Set the view as your default by choosing View > Set this view as my default

  • Download to CSV by hitting the small download icon at the top-right

Common questions

Can I create sub-groups?

There’s only one level of product group in Current RMS. To filter further, we recommend tags because of their flexibility. You can tag by manufacturer, product type, year of purchase – anything you like! You can drill down into multiple tags to find everything that matches.

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