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See upcoming asset inspections and start testing
See upcoming asset inspections and start testing

Go to Resources > Testing & Inspection to see all upcoming inspections, filter your tests, and start testing.

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The main Testing & Inspection screen in Current RMS is your central location for asset inspections. It’s where you can see all of the upcoming inspections across your company and record results.

Need an overview on testing? Check out: How does Testing & Inspection work?

Get started

Go to Resources > Testing & Inspections to see a list of all tests due across your company.

You’ll see a list of upcoming tests for your assets. We also show you the dates of the last and next inspections.

Filter your view

The default view shows you all tests that are due today. If you like, you can filter your view by:

  • Due by
    Choose to test for the week or month ahead by changing the date here.

  • Product group
    Restrict the view to assets belonging to products in a particular product group.

  • Inspection
    Only got the electronic tester to hand? Pick an Inspection to only see those tests in the list.

  • Tags
    Restrict the view to assets belonging to products with matching tags. You might do this if you’ve tagged by manufacturer and manufacturers have specific tests that they require. 

  • Search for
    Search by name or asset number.

Containers and container components

The container column shows you if an asset is a container or component. Click the blue search button in the column to see inspections due for that container and its components.

Start testing

Click the green Test button next to any asset in the list to start a test. 

Add result

On the Add Inspection Result screen, record your results:

  • Inspected at
    Date that you complete the inspection

  • Passed
    Set to YES if the asset passed. To record a failure, set to NO.

  • Description
    Enter any notes about the test – this is especially useful where an asset has failed.

Test tasks

If you’ve set up test tasks to record things like electrical values or weights, enter the results here.


Snap a picture or upload tester output results by clicking the add a new attachment button. Add as many as you like.

Continue testing

When you’re done, click the blue Create Inspection Result button. Your test result will be logged and you’ll be taken back the main Testing & Inspection screen so you can test other assets.

See historic results or print certificates

Head to a stock level page to see a full test record for an asset and to print documents like certificates or labels.

Other ways you can test

The Testing & Inspection main screen is the main way that you’ll manage testing in your company.  You may also test an asset:

Common questions

Why don’t I see my asset in the list to test?

There’s a few things to check:

Can I import from my tester?

We don’t directly connect to PAT testers or other testing hardware, but you may import CSV files. See: Import Testing & Inspection results

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