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Find by asset number, serial number or barcode
Find by asset number, serial number or barcode

Search for a particular serialized stock level or bulk stock item across all of your products.

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Got a bit of kit to hand and want to jump straight to the stock level or product page? Use find by asset to do just this. 

Get started

Simply click the Find by asset button on the main products screen.

In the find by asset pop-up:

  • Start typing an asset number, serial number, or bulk/non-stock barcode in the asset box. Current will auto-suggest assets as you type.

  • Scan the asset with your barcode scanner. Make sure the cursor is in the ‘asset’ box.

Once you're done, hit ⏎ enter , click search, or select the asset in the auto-suggested list and Current will take you straight to the stock level or product screen.

If no matching assets or products are found, Current will let you know.

Other ways to view your assets

There's a couple of other ways you can view all of your assets:

  • Rental Asset Listing Report
    To view all of the active assets on your system, use the Rental Asset Listing report. Use cmd ⌘ + F  (Mac) or ctrl + F  (Windows) to open your browser’s find functionality to find an asset number on this page.

  • Export your stock levels
    If you’d like to make changes to asset numbers on your system, you can export a list of your stock levels to then re-import. This will generate a CSV file that contains all of your stock levels. To export data, go to System Setup > Export Data.

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