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Categorize and sort your data using tags.

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You’re probably familiar with tags if you’ve used other cloud based software or social media. They’re a way of categorizing and sorting data in your Current RMS system.

Tags are more powerful than folders and groups because you can add multiple tags to a record and drill down. For example, you might tag a bit of kit by manufacturer, type of kit, and other characteristics 

Where can I create tags?

You’ll find space to create and filter by tag throughout Current RMS:

Why use tags?

Different businesses work in different ways, but here are some common reasons why you might use tags:

  • Categorize types of opportunity
    You might find that you do the same 4-5 types of job. Use tags to categorize your opportunities. Later on, you can filter by tag to report.

  • Further describe products
    Provide details of product attributes in tags, e.g. “HD”, “4k”, “Large”, “Essentials”, then use these when adding products to an opportunity.

  • Distinguishing between customers and vendors
    Tag organizations as “customer,” “vendor,” or both.

How to tag

To start tagging, create or edit one of the records listed above. Simply pop in the tag you’d like to use in the Tags field.

Current will auto-suggest tags that you’ve used before as you type. Click or use the ↑ up  and ↓ down  arrows to select. Hit ↵ enter  to lock a tag in. It will turn blue. 

Filter by tag

Use the tag clouds in Current to search and sort by tag. We’ve got a separate guide that runs through this, check out: Filter by tag

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