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๐ŸŽž๏ธ Set up automatic asset numbering
๐ŸŽž๏ธ Set up automatic asset numbering

Get Current RMS to automatically generate asset numbers for you when adding serialized stock levels.

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When you add serialized stock levels, you tell Current RMS what you'd like the asset number to be for each of your stock levels. It's great if your gear is already barcoded or you want to work with your own asset numbering process.

If you'd like, Current RMS can automatically assign asset numbers for you when you create serialized stock levels, speeding up the process of adding new inventory. It's especially handy if you work with prelabeled asset tags.

When you add serialized stock levels with automatic asset numbering turned on, Current prompts you for a quantity and creates assets using the next numbers for you.

Get started

Head to System Preferences and toggle "Automatic Asset Numbers" to YES. It's under the Product Settings heading.

Set your sequence

Once enabled, use the automatic asset numbering section to configure your asset numbering sequence.ย 

Set a prefix, choose your number length, and enter the next number in the sequence. The โ€œPreviewโ€ box will give you an idea of how your asset numbers will look.

If you've already added serialized stock levels, Current will let you know the highest existing asset number.

When you're done, update.

Add stock levels

When adding a stock level to a serialized product, specify the number of stock levels you'd like to add. Current will create stock levels using the next available numbers in your sequence.

Common questions

Can I add multiple asset numbering sequences?

No, there's only one asset numbering sequence in Current RMS. You may still set your own asset numbers when adding stock levels or when importing data.

How does importing work?

When importing, specify the asset numbers that you'd like to use for you serialized stock levels. Head to System Preferences if you'd like to see what the next number in your sequence would be.

Interested in importing assets using automatic numbering? Let us know using the green help bubble. We'd love to hear a bit about your use case.

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