What is availability?

Find out about availability, where you can find it, and how Current handles shortages.

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At the core of Current RMS is a powerful availability engine that keeps track of how much rental stock you have. Availability is how much stock you have available now and in future.

Availability is automatically calculated in the background when you take actions in the system that impact your stock, for example:

Want to learn more about how availability is calculated? Check out: How is availability calculated?

Where can you check availability?

You can get availability information in a variety of places in Current RMS: 

We’ve got guides that run through each of these screens, check out the links above to find out more.

Make smart decisions

Availability information is present throughout Current RMS to help you make smart decisions about your stock.

  • The picker shows you real-time availability figures for the period of the opportunity that you’re working on.

  • Shortages are highlighted in red on orders – letting you work through items that need your attention.

  • The “Upcoming orders with shortages” tile on the dashboard shows you any opportunities where you don’t have sufficient stock.

  • Orders with shortages have a red ⚠️  symbol next to their name in the list so you can see straight away that there’s a shortage that needs to be resolved.

Tools to prevent and resolve shortages

By default, your Current RMS system will allow you to overbook stock – this is so that it doesn’t prevent you from getting an order out of the door if you’ve simply forgotten to check-in stock on a previous order or can easily sub-rent from another supplier. 

There’s a number of features available to prevent and resolve shortages:

Use the links above to learn more.

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