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Allocating a Transferred Item

How to allocate items transferred in

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When a transfer has been created, you will need to allocate the Serialised or Bulk item on both the Source and Destination opportunity in order to proceed with the transfer.

Serialised Items

These are added onto a Destination opportunity according to the scenarios below:

  • Unallocated on both the Source and Destination opportunities

    • You must allocate on the Source opportunity first and then manually allocate on the Destination opportunity

    • If the booking needs to be de-allocated, then this must be done on the Destination opportunity first

  • Allocated on the Source opportunity only

    • The transfer can be made and then the group booking must be allocated on the Destination opportunity

  • Allocated on the Destination opportunity only

    • The group booking on the Source opportunity must first be allocated before making the transfer

  • Allocated on both the Source and Destination

    • Transfer can go ahead

Bulk Stock

There may be situations where a destination opportunity has a bulk item where some are being transferred in from a source opportunity, but others are coming from the warehouse.

When a bulk item is scanned in for allocation, you can’t select which line it applies to – either the one from the warehouse or the one being transferred in. Therefore the assumption is made that the scanned items are coming from your warehouse. Items transferred in will need to be allocated using Auto Allocate in the Detail View.

Serialised Containers

Currently, transfers for permanent and temporary containers or their components are not supported however this may be included in a future release.

Next Steps

Once the items have been allocated on the Destination Opportunity, you can then book them out!

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