Booking out Transferred Items

How to book out items you've transferred in

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When an item has been transferred then it can be booked out on the destination opportunity in the Detail View as long as the correct quantity has been booked out on the source opportunity. Once this happens, the item’s status on the source opportunity will also be automatically updated to Completed.

This saves you from having to go through the check-in process on the source opportunity and booking out the item on the destination is the last step in processing the transfer. If you try to check-in an item on the source opportunity which is planned for a transfer, you will receive an error.

Bulk Items

In the case of bulk items a quantity will be marked as completed and can be split across multiple line items. For example, if the destination has a line item for 3 LED Lamps and a source has a total quantity of 10 split across multiple line items, then the system will mark the transferred quantity as completed.

Booking out a transferred item is currently irreversible and Revert Status cannot be used to undo this.

⚠️The Clear Transfer option cannot remove anything once the transfer has been completed.

Move Outstanding Items

If a Source opportunity is finalised and the Move Outstanding Items to a new opportunity option is selected, any quantity that has not yet been transferred (i.e. set as completed after booking out has happened on the Destination opportunity) will not be moved to the new opportunity.

Additionally if there is a bulk allocation where some of the quantity is required for a transfer and some of the quantity is not, the entire quantity of that allocation will remain on the original opportunity.

If the same happens on a destination opportunity, any transferred in items will not be moved to the new opportunity.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve successfully completed a Transfer, you can use the Transfers Report to see all of the active transfers in the system for products across opportunities.

As with all of our features, we’d love to hear your feedback on how we can improve things so please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with us ↘️

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