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Use the QuickBooks Online integration
Use the QuickBooks Online integration

How to post invoices and make links between organizations.

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Once you’ve set up your QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration, there’s three core functions you’ll want to explore:

Link organizations to QBO customers

Head to People & Organizations and edit any organization. You’ll see a “Linked QuickBooks customer field”. Start typing the name of a customer in QBO and Current will auto-suggest from matching results

If you have the “Create a linked QuickBooks customer when creating an Organization?” toggle set to YES in your integration screen, a new linked QBO customer will automatically be created when you create an organization in Current.

Import or export organizations

At any point, you can import customers from QBO to Current or export organizations from Current to QBO. This is especially useful if you have other departments that create customers in QBO and you wish to bring them into Current RMS, or if you have the  “Create a linked QBO customer when creating an Organization?” toggle turned off in your integration settings.

To import or export, go to System Setup > Integrations > QuickBooks. Check out our guide for more: Import and export organizations from QuickBooks Online

Post invoices to QBO

Provided your integration is set up correctly and all mappings are completed, posting an issued invoice is just one click. 

From an issued invoice, hit Post Invoice under Actions.

That’s it! Current RMS will post the invoice to your accounts solution. If all goes well, you’ll see a green notification at the top-right.

Record payments in QBO

If you like, you can set up Current RMS so that you can record payments in Quickbooks straight from an invoice page.

Once set up, hit Take Payment under Actions to get started. Pop in the details and post!

Getting an error message? 😬

If there’s a problem, Current will let you know. We’ve got a troubleshooting guide that can help sort any problems, see: Troubleshoot Xero or QuickBooks Online

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