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Take payments when integrated with QuickBooks Online
Take payments when integrated with QuickBooks Online

Record payments or refunds against an invoice when using our QuickBooks Online integration.

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Quickly record payments & refunds received against an invoice and show this to your customer using the “take payment” functionality.

⚠️   This guide is for Current RMS users who are linked to QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Set up payment methods 

The option to take a payment against your invoices will only show up after you've added payment methods to your Current RMS system. 

To do this, head to System Setup > List of values and edit the list called “Payment Method”.

On the next screen, use the green add a list of values entry button to add in a list of ways that you take payments. 

Choose one of the payment methods to be the default by ticking the box and click the blue Update List of Values button to save.

Map payment methods to QBO

Head to System Setup > Integrations > QuickBooks Online and map payment methods in the “Payment Method Mappings” section.

You’ll see a list of your payment methods on the left and a list of QBO deposit accounts and payment methods on the right. Map each account here.

These mirror the options that you’d see when taking payments against an invoice in QBO.

Haven’t yet set up your QBO integration? Check out our guide: Set up the QuickBooks Online integration

Get started

Once you’ve set up payment methods, go to an invoice that you’d like to record a payment against and click Take payment under Actions. Make sure it’s issued and posted first. The “Take payment” pop-up box appears.

Choose a reference to identify the payment (e.g. “Deposit” or “Part Payment”), select a payment method from the list that you set up earlier, choose a date that the payment was received, and specify the amount received. 

Click the blue Take payment button to add this payment. 

Your payment will be recorded in QBO and you’ll see that the balance under “QuickBooks Information” has adjusted.

Common questions

Can Current RMS process credit cards?

Not right now, but this is something that we're considering for future development. If this is something you'd like to see in Current RMS, please reach out via the green help bubble in the bottom right hand corner of your system to let us know your thoughts.

QBO provides integrations with third-party payment providers such as PayPal or GoCardless so you can get invoices paid once posted from Current RMS. Check with QBO about available integrations.

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