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How does PATorganiser’s Current RMS integration work?
How does PATorganiser’s Current RMS integration work?

Sync results from common PAT testers to Current RMS by using PATorganiser’s cloud-based testing solution.

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Use PATorganiser’s integration with Current RMS to sync results from common PAT testers from Seaward, Megger, Robin, and others.

PATorganiser is a third party integration

The team at PATorganiser developed this integration using our open API. This means it wasn’t developed or maintained by Current RMS, so we can’t vouch for it or provide support for it.

What is PATorganiser?

PATorganiser is a fully cloud-based equipment testing solution that lets you schedule tests, create reports, and interfaces directly with testing devices.

  • Retrieve test data from PAT devices, feeds, files, and exports all in one location.

  • Easily see all upcoming tests on a calendar and automatically schedule retests.

  • Accessible anywhere, any time in the cloud.

Find out more or try PATorganiser for free.

How does the integration work?

Once you’ve set up the integration in PATorganiser, you can add assets from Current RMS to start syncing test data.

  • PATorganiser lets you choose which assets you’d like to sync from Current RMS and adds them for you.

  • Import results from your PAT device, upload files, or manually enter results in the easy-to-use interface.

  • Once tested, PATorganiser automatically creates inspection results for your linked assets in Current RMS.

  • Automatically schedule re-tests and use the calendar to get an overview of upcoming tests that are due.

Next steps

To get started, check out PATorganiser documentation: Setup Current-RMS Integration

Not using PATorganiser yet? Find out more or try PATorganiser for free.

Get help

Contact the team at PATorganiser for help using their integration.

We’re unable to provide support for the PATorganiser integration.

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