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What is a product?
What is a product?

Your inventory: all of the gear that you rent or sell.

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Products are items that you rent and sell to your customers. You might refer to products as kit, gear, items, stock, inventory, SKUs, or assets.

When you set up a product, you can: 

Stock levels

In Current RMS, we make a distinction between products and stock levels. Stock levels belong to products. They are the physical units of the kit that you have. 

For example, you might rent a MacBook Pro – this is the product. You can add general product attributes to this, such as the weight and replacement charge. Stock levels are the MacBook Pros that you hold, e.g. MBP-001, MBP-002, MBP-003. 

You’d quote your customer for a product, then allocate an asset later on. 

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