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Costing & profitability: the costs view
Get an overview of your total revenue and costs
Get an overview of your total revenue and costs

Use the Revenue & Costs Summary to see a full breakdown of all income and costs.

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Drill down into the detail and see how much profit you made on an opportunity with the Revenue & Costs Summary. It shows you a full breakdown of rental, sale, and service income, along with all costs added to this opportunity.

Automatic and manual costs are included in the Revenue & Costs Summary.

Get started

At the top-right of each opportunity or project, Current gives you a breakdown of the total costs that you’ve added to it, along with the predicted profit total.  

To see a further breakdown, click Revenue & Costs Summary under Actions on the right-hand side of an opportunity page.

On this screen, you’ll see sections for:

  • Rental income broken down by product group

  • Surcharges by surcharge group

  • Sale income broken down by product group

  • Service income grouped by service type

  • Costs grouped by cost group

How are costs calculated

  • Calculations are based on actual costs except where no actual cost has been specified. 

  • Where no actual cost has been specified, the provisional cost is used instead. 

  • Depending on how you have added costs to your opportunities, there may be a mix of provisional and actual costs.

Total profit

At the bottom of the summary, the figure under the thick black line is your total profit. This is calculated by taking the total cost specified from the charge total for the project. 

A percentage is included to let you know your profit margin.

Make changes to costs

Costs don’t look right? Head to the costs view to make changes. See: 

Other ways to report on your costs

The Opportunity Costs report under Reports shows all cost transactions for your orders.

Custom views also work great for reporting! Provisional Cost Total, Actual Cost Total, and Predicted Cost Total are available as attributes when creating custom views. Export your data to CSV and open in Excel or Numbers to manipulate the data further.

Common questions

Is there a printable version or a PDF I can download?

Not out-of-the-box, but we can pull costs through to document layouts so this is something that we can help create. Start a conversation with us using the green help bubble at the bottom-right to discuss this with us ↘️ 

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