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Work with automatically added costs

Current adds costs for sub-rentals, sub-contracts, external bookable resources, and purchases for you automatically.

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You can anticipate some costs, so Current RMS automatically adds those to your opportunities for you. 

Current RMS automatically adds costs for:

  • Sub-rented products and sub-contracted services
    When an item is sub-rented or sub-contracted, the sub-rent or sub-contract price is added to your opportunity costs.

  • Bookable resource costs
    When a bookable resource like a crew member or vehicle is allocated to an opportunity, the resource cost is added to your opportunity costs.

  • Sale items
    When you add a sale item, the purchase price against your product is added to your opportunity costs.

Draft opportunities are more of a scratch pad, great for creating the bones of an order, so costs aren’t added to those. Automatic costs are added to provisional quotations, reserved quotations, and orders. 

Add costs against resources

Before you begin, set costs costs for specific suppliers against your products, services, and bookable resources. See: 

Get started

To view and add costs, click the Costs view button at the top of the items list. It’s available when your opportunity is a draft, quotation, or an order.

Change price or days inline

Automatic costs are calculated using a cost’s price and quantity. For sub-rentals, chargeable days are also used; for services, the rate quantity is used.

Click on the days or price to make changes inline. The cost total is updated automatically.

Change rate definition or make advanced changes

Click the blue arrow to the right of a cost and choose Edit to make further changes. 

You’ll see the opportunity item edit screen. The fields are the same as when creating or editing an opportunity item, so you can make changes to the quantity or description as normal.

Costs are listed under the “Allocations” heading. Change the rate definition, rate quantity or chargeable days, cost group, and price here.

Add note

Need to add a note? Use Add note from the drop-down menu.

Batch actions

Make changes to multiple costs at once using the Action menu.

Set cost group

Tick costs and choose Set cost group to set the cost group for all of the selected costs.

Set supplier

Tick costs and choose Set supplier to set the supplier for all of the selected costs. As you type, Current will suggest an organization from your People & Organizations. 

Set an actual cost

Costs for sub-rentals, sub-contract services, group bookings, and external bookable resources are added as provisional costs. These are expected costs, but they might be subject to change. 

Set the actual cost when you’ve received an invoice from your supplier. See: Set an actual cost for an automatic cost

Common questions

Can I raise purchase orders for my costs?

We’re working on this right now! We’ll let you know when it’s ready by sending you an in-app message. 

Why can’t I see any automatic costs against my opportunity?

It sounds like you might be working with an older opportunity, or an opportunity that’s an inquiry, draft, or open quotation.  

Why was a particular cost added to my opportunity automatically, or added with an incorrect price?

Costs are automatically added for sub-rentals, sub-contract services, bookable resource allocations, and sale items. 

You can set costs in a variety of places in Current RMS; if you’re not sure why a particular cost was added, check out: How are automatic costs added to an opportunity?

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