Resolve labor or transport shortages by marking a service as sub-contracted. Sub-contracting is the process of bringing in staff, vehicles, or other services from a third-party supplier.

You may need to sub-contract a service if it’s a service that you don’t supply, or if you have a staff or vehicle shortage.

Setting a service as sub-contracted mirrors the sub-rent process for products.

Add a sub-contract item

When adding an item using the “Add new opportunity item” screen, toggle the “Sub contract service” slider to YES to tell Current RMS that you’re sub-contracting this service.

Set supplier

If you’re working on an order, provisional quotation, or reserved quotation, a new field will appear where you can set the supplier. The supplier is the vendor or third-party providing the service. As you type, Current will suggest from organizations in People & Organizations.

Make an existing item sub-contract

Draft or open quotation

If you’ve added an item to a draft or open quotation, edit the item by clicking the blue arrow and choosing Edit from the menu. 

Toggle the “Sub-contract stock” slider to YES.

Provisional quotation, reserved quotation, or order

Edit the opportunity item by clicking the blue arrow and choosing Edit from the menu. 

In the “Resource Allocations” section, hit the green add allocation button, then choose “Sub-contract booking” from the list of options in the drop-down box.

Choose an organization from People & Organizations as a supplier, i.e. the vendor or third-party providing the service. Optionally set a reference.

In the quantity column, specify the quantity of the resource coming from this supplier. You may create multiple sub-contract allocations for a single opportunity item – perfect if a single supplier doesn’t have enough staff or vehicles to cover your order.

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