Customize your dashboard tiles

Choose the tiles that appear on your Current RMS dashboard for each role.

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The dashboard is the first page that you see when you sign into your Current RMS system. As standard, it includes:

  • the sales pipeline,

  • eight tiles that show you things that need your attention,

  • a timeline of deliveries and pickups for today.

If you like, you can choose which tiles appear on your dashboard, letting you turn off tiles that aren’t relevant to you and add new ones.

Dashboard tiles are set against each role on your system – perfect for setting up different dashboards for teams or departments in your business.

Get started

Go to System Setup > Roles and role membership. Find the role that you’d like to pick dashboard tiles on and edit using the option in the menu.

Not familiar with roles? Check out: Restrict access to parts of the system using roles

Choose tiles

Use the checkboxes under the “Dashboard Tiles” heading to turn on or off dashboard tiles for users who have this role.

List of dashboard tile checkboxes.

When you’re done, update your role using the blue Update Role button.

Work with multiple roles

Where users have multiple roles assigned to them, we’ll look across those and turn on any tiles that we find enabled across any of their roles.

Administrator users

Users that are marked as administrators usually aren’t impacted by role options. However, the options that you choose for dashboard tiles will apply to administrator accounts with that role. 

Most administrator users will have the role “Full Access” by default, but this might be different at your company depending on how you’ve set up Current RMS.

Daily summary email

The tiles you choose for a role determine the tiles that show in a user’s daily summary email. See: Daily summary email

Common questions

What do each of the tiles do?

We’ve got a guide that runs through each of them, see: Dashboard

When I click on a tile, I get an error message saying “You are not authorized to access this page,” how do I fix this?

It sounds like the role on your account isn’t set up so that you can see this information. Talk to the person in charge of Current RMS at your company to see if they can change your roles.

Can I re-arrange tiles?

We wanted to get dashboard tile customization into your hands as soon as possible, so we didn’t include this in our initial release.

Building an interface that lets you re-arrange tiles in an elegant way is technically tricky and would tie up our developers for some time, so we’re going to hold off on this while we gather your feedback. If re-arranging tiles is important to you, start a conversation with us using the green help bubble ↘️

Is there a tile for… ?

We’d love to hear for your ideas for tiles! Let us know what kind of tiles you’d like to see by starting a conversation with us using the green help bubble ↘️

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