The dashboard is the first page you see when you sign into your Current RMS system. It shows important business performance information, as well as things that need your attention today.

Click on any of the tiles or numbers to drill down into the related information.

Here's a quick breakdown of what each of the tiles on your dashboard mean:

  1. Sales pipeline
    A count of any active inquiries, quotations, and orders on your Current RMS system. It also shows the total cumulative values of the orders in Current with a start date of this month.
  2. Activities
    A list of any activities that are starting today and any that haven't yet been marked as completed from the past.
  3. Upcoming orders with shortages
    Current calculates availability automatically in the background and highlights any orders where you don't have sufficient stock.
  4. Transport today
    Any deliveries and pickups (or collections) that are scheduled for today, based on the delivery and collection date set against each opportunity.
  5. Customer transport today
    Any pickups (collections) and returns being made by the customer themselves. You can set an opportunity as customer pickup or customer returning using the tick boxes when setting up an opportunity.
  6. Outstanding supplier returns
    When sub-rented items are returned, they move to the quarantine as "supplier returns". This tile is a count of any that haven't yet been sent back to the sub-rent supplier.
  7. Overdue returns
    This is a count of opportunities that are overdue for return, where the end date of an opportunity has passed and the opportunity hasn’t yet been completed.
  8. Unread discussions
    A count of any discussions that you're a participant of that you've not yet read.
  9. Deliveries and pickups for today
    A timeline of deliveries and pickups (collections) for the day and when they will be taking place. Click on these circles to see the opportunities. 

Common questions

Can I customize the dashboard?

You can! See: Customize your dashboard tiles

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