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Get ahead on your day by turning on the daily summary email.

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Get key business information for the day ahead delivered straight to your inbox by turning on the daily summary email.

What’s in the daily summary email?

The daily summary email shows you an agenda overview of any activities starting today, plus a count of:

  • Upcoming orders and reservations with shortages

  • Transport today

  • Unread discussions

  • Overdue returns

  • Customer transport today

  • Outstanding supplier returns

These are the same tiles you’ll see on your dashboard.

Get started

The daily summary email is off by default. To turn it on, click your profile picture at the top-right and choose Edit your profile from the menu. 

Then toggle Send Daily Summary email? to YES and choose when you’d like to receive it from the drop-down box.

When is the daily summary email sent?

To stop your inbox becoming too cluttered, we’ll only send you a daily summary email if there are things to notify you about.

We’ll send you a daily summary email only if you have:

  1. an activity starting on the day

  2. a delivery or pickup on the day

  3. an upcoming job with shortages

  4. an overdue return

  5. an unread discussion

This means there might be some days when you don’t receive a daily summary email.

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