Work with asset inspection results

See a full history of inspection results, print certificates, edit existing results, and log new results from a stock level page.

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From a stock level page, you can see all of the important information about an asset or bulk stock level. When working with serialized stock, you can also see a history of asset inspections and when it’s next due a test.

Get started

Go to a stock level page by finding a product in Resources > Products, then clicking on the asset number in the stock levels section.

Got the item to hand? Use find by asset to scan and jump straight to the stock level page. 

See test results

Under the “Testing & Inspections” heading, you’ll see any inspections recorded for this asset.

View test details and print documents

In the list, we show the name of the inspection, the date it was carried out, the user who completed it, and whether or not it passed.

To view test tasks and print documents like certificates, click on the name of the test in the list.

The description and attachments are on the left. You may upload additional attachments here, too.

Results captured for test tasks are on the right, along with documents.

All of the documents that come with Current RMS are fully customizable, so we can tweak the content on your test certificate or create additional documents like labels. Check out our Liquid objects if you’re handy with HTML, or contact our Customer Success team if you’d like us to help ↘️

See next test dates

On the stock level page, the next test date is listed in the details pane on the right.

Start a new test

Click on the name of a test in the details pane to re-test. You don’t need to wait until a test is due, you may test an asset and log a result for it at any time.

Common questions

My asset shows that it’s been tested, but my team didn’t test it. Why?

It sounds like your inspection might have the “Auto-pass new assets” toggle set to YES. This means that when you add new serialized stock levels to your system, Current automatically records them as having passed.

Check your inspection settings in System Setup > Inspections.

How do I print a label?

We don’t have an inspection label out of the box, but all of our documents are customizable and we can create new ones for you. 

Check out our Liquid objects if you’re handy with HTML, or contact our Customer Success team if you’d like us to help ↘️

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