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Complete or cancel a purchase order

Complete a purchase order to mark as done; cancel a purchase order that’s no longer going ahead.

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When a purchase order no longer needs your attention, complete it to mark it as done. Completed purchase orders are removed from the main Purchase Orders screen, leaving you with only purchase orders that require your attention. 

If a purchase order is no longer going ahead, mark it as canceled. Canceled purchase orders remain on Current for your reference and are also removed from the main Purchase Orders screen.

Complete a purchase order

From a purchase order that’s marked as sent, click Compete purchase order under Actions. 

Re-open a purchase order

To un-complete or re-open a purchase order, from a completed purchase order click Reopen purchase order.

Cancel a purchase order

From a purchase order that’s open, authorized, or sent, choose Cancel purchase order under Actions. 

See completed and canceled purchase orders

Filter the view in the main Purchase Orders screen to see your completed and canceled purchase orders. 

From the main screen, choose Filter selection from the View menu. Choose “Inactive” and update.

From the opportunity costs view, completed purchase orders have a black background color.

Invoice reconciliation

In future, we’re looking to add a way of reconciling your supplier’s invoice with the purchase order. We’re working on this now and we’ll let you know when it’s ready by messaging you in-app.

Have thoughts on how you think this should work? Let us know your thoughts by chatting to us using the green help bubble ️↘️

Right now, you may set an actual cost for an automatic cost on an opportunity to record the final cost on your supplier’s invoice. This makes sure that your opportunity revenue and costs summary is accurate.

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