Translate your document layouts

Use French, German, Spanish, or other languages in your quotations, invoices, rental agreements and other documents by translating them.

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The documents that come with Current RMS are written in HTML & CSS, standard web design languages. This is great because it makes it easy to translate the documents into any language you’d like.

It’s possible to have multiple document layouts active at any time, so if you operate in lots of languages then you can have translated versions of each document available to print.

Do it yourself 🔧

To get started, head to System Setup > Document Layouts, find the layout you’d like to translate, and choose Clone from the menu.

Using a document from our configurable suite? Translate the labels on the left hand side of your screen and your document will update accordingly. More information on these documents here: Easily edit the configurable documents in Current RMS ⚙️

Change wording on Current RMS documents

Want more information about making changes to your documents? Click on the link below.

If you're using one of the Current RMS documents without customisation, use the Header, Body, and Footer tabs to get access to the HTML. Generally speaking, anything in black can be translated. This text will usually be between matched pairs of tags in angled brackets.

In the example below, “Order Date” can be translated provided the text in red, blue, and green is left untouched.

See your changes in action using the live previewer - or use the blue Preview button to preview the document in a new tab. When you’re done, save the document using the blue Create Document button.

Use our service 📬

It’s not a problem if you’re not confident with HTML. We offer a service to modify document layouts.

Got any questions on the document modification service? Our customer success team are here to help. Just hit the green help bubble at the bottom-right to start a conversation with us. ↘️

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