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Easily edit the configurable documents in Current RMS ⚙️
Easily edit the configurable documents in Current RMS ⚙️

Use our suite of configurable document layouts to make changes to your documentation with no coding required!

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All document layouts included with Current RMS are customizable using HTML or our document modification service, meaning that you can edit your to documents to reflect your company branding and identity.

For our customers who aren't as confident with HTML, we also offer a suite of document layouts that can be edited using only text fields and tick boxes.

Get started 🏁

Head to System Setup > Document Layouts to get started.

All of our easily editable documents are labelled accordingly. Type 'configurable' in the search bar to see the full list.

Choose the document you're wanting to change, click the blue arrow, and select 'Edit'.

Editing the document 🛠️

Color attributes

From your text to your tables, use the color pickers to change the colours on your document.

Text attributes

Don't like the way your document is labelled? Change the labels here and they will update on any newly generated documents.

Change wording on Current RMS documents

Add or remove fields using check boxes

Use the check boxes to add or remove information from your documents layout.

Finalizing the document 🖨️

The new configurable documents in Current RMS aren't printable by default and you'll need to make changes here so that they appear under the 'Print' heading moving forward.

To do this, simply toggle the 'Active' slider to 'Yes' to make this document printable in your system.

Click 'Update Document' to save your changes.

Any Questions? 💬

We're here to help. Contact our customer success team at or by starting a conversation in the green help bubble. ↘️

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