Post purchase orders to Xero

After you’ve completed a purchase order in Current RMS, it’s just one click to post to Xero.

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Get started

Head to the purchase order you wish to post and ensure that you have authorised the purchase order by selecting “Authorise” within the Actions list.

Once authorised, you can mark your purchase order as sent. You’ll then have the option to complete your purchase order from the Actions list.

After you have completed your purchase order, you’ll be able to push that into Xero using the “Post purchase order” button within the Actions list.

Once your purchase order has been posted, you will be able to access that in Xero via the “Xero Purchase Order” button.

That’s it! Current RMS will post the purchase order to Xero. If all goes well, you’ll see a green notification at the top-right.

What happens when I post?

When you post to Xero, Current will check to make sure that:

  • the supplier is linked to a Xero contact

  • the cost groups for the purchase order items are mapped to Xero accounts

  • the tax rates for the purchase order items are mapped to the correct Xero tax rates

  • the purchase order store is mapped to a Xero tracking category option when a tracking category has been selected

When these checks fail

If any of these fail, Current will let you know with a red warning message at the top-right. You’ll need to correct any issues flagged within the warning message before you can look to attempt posting again.

I don't integrate with Xero, can I still post purchase orders?

At the moment, you are only able to post purchase orders across to Xero. If you are interested in seeing this functionality rolled out across our other integrations, please let us know via the green help bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the system!

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