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Set up the Adobe Sign integration
Set up the Adobe Sign integration

Integrate your Current RMS system with Adobe Sign and enable signing for your document layouts.

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Use our Adobe Sign integration to send documents for digital signature from Current RMS. You can customize sending options for each document, including adding additional PDFs, and signed documents are automatically stored in Current.

Before you begin

In order to use integrations with Adobe Sign, you’ll need to sign up to their Enterprise plan. Sign up on the Adobe Sign website. If you choose to set the sending user as an email address in your Adobe Sign account (see below), you should just need one account.

If you do not have the Enterprise plan, you’ll see a message fed directly from Adobe saying “Your product edition does not support account scopes” or something similar.

Get started

To setup the Adobe Sign integration, go to System Setup > Integrations and choose Adobe Sign. On the next screen, click the Connect to Adobe Sign button.

Sign in with your Adobe account and confirm access permissions for Current RMS.

Set the sending user

Once connected, you’ll see a “Sending user” dropdown appear.

When using our Adobe Sign integration, an email is sent out via Adobe Sign requesting for a digital signature. The sending user is the Adobe Sign account that Current RMS uses to send this email. You have two options:

  • Match Current RMS user
    When selected, Current will check the list of users in your Adobe Sign account and send using the same address as the logged in Current RMS account. There must be an account with a matching email address for the Current RMS users you wish to be able to send for signing.

  • An email address from your Adobe Sign account
    Select an existing user’s email address from your Adobe Sign account. In this case, all Adobe Sign emails will be sent from this user and their email address.

If you choose “Match Current RMS user” and Current cannot find a matching user, the sending for signing option will be disabled when creating a discussion.

Enable the integration

Once configured, toggle “Enabled” to YES to turn the integration on. Disable by setting to NO.

Hit the blue Update button to save.

Configure your document layouts

Send by Signing is enabled on a per-document basis and you can customize each document with different options – perfect for including terms with a rental agreement or providing daily reminders for your customer to sign a delivery note.

Adobe Sign only works with opportunity documents.

To set up one of your documents for signing, head to System Setup > Document Layouts and find the layout you want to send for signing in the list. Choose Edit from the blue menu to the right.

Toggle “Use for signing” to YES to reveal send for signing options:

  • Default signing message
    When sending a document for signing, this message forms the body text of the discussion and appears as a note when your customer opens the document.

  • Days to sign
    How long does the customer have to sign this? Enter a number here to set a limit on the number of days the customer has to sign. Leave this blank to set no limit.

  • Reminder frequency
    To send a reminder to the customer that the document needs their signature, select a frequency from the drop-down list. Choose daily, weekly, or none.

  • Include documents from your Adobe Document Library
    Adobe Sign lets you store documents in your Adobe account’s Document Library. If you’ve added documents, choose them here to include them with this document when you sign.

When you include documents, they are merged with the PDF of the layout that Current RMS produces to create a single combined PDF that is sent to the customer for signing.

When you’re done, hit the blue Update Document button and repeat this process for any layouts that you wish to send for signing.

Next steps

That’s it! To start sending documents, head to an opportunity and preview one of the documents that you set up for signing. Then click Create Discussion to get started.

Check out our guide for more: Send a document for signing using Adobe Sign

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