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Send a document for signing using Adobe Sign
Send a document for signing using Adobe Sign

Capture digital signatures from your customer on opportunity documents using Adobe Sign.

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Do you need to request a digital signature from your customer? If you’ve integrated your Current RMS system with Adobe Sign, you can send a document for signing straight from an opportunity.

Before you begin

Make sure you’ve configured the Adobe Sign integration and enabled send for signing on your document. Check out: Set up the Adobe Sign integration

Get started

From your opportunity, choose a document that you’ve set up for signing from the list under the “Print” heading. Then, click on the Create a discussion button at the top.

Create discussion

From the “Create discussion” screen, make sure you can see a “Send for signing” toggle and it’s set to YES. If you don’t see this toggle, your document isn’t set up for signing or there’s a problem with your integration settings

Fill out the fields on this screen as you would when creating a discussion:

  • Subject
    The subject of the email from Adobe Sign.

  • Comment
    A note sent along with the request for signature email sent. The default signing text that you set up against the document is pulled in by default.

  • Participants
    Add organizations, contacts, or venues that you’d like to receive a request for signature. Adobe Sign will send emails to any external participants, i.e. not user accounts.

  • Attachments
    Add additional files to include with the document here. Adobe Sign creates a merged PDF, so you can only choose PDF files here – other file types are not supported.

Click Create discussion when you’re done. The discussion message isn’t sent to your external participants from Current, instead Adobe Sign sends them an email requesting their digital signature.

A note on attachments

As well as adding PDF attachments when creating the discussion, you can set up your document layout to automatically include documents from your Adobe Document Library too.

The attachments, files from your Adobe Document Library, and document generated by Current are merged into one single PDF by Adobe Sign. When merging:

  • Attachments are added before the document being signed.

  • Any documents included from the Adobe Document Library are added after the document being signed.

When your customer has signed

After one of the external participants has completed the signing process with Adobe, an email will be sent to the sending user set up in your integration settings asking them to sign the document.

When the sending user has signed, an email is sent to the sending user and all external participants with a copy of the signed PDF.

A copy of the signed PDF will be automatically stored in the attachments section of the opportunity, too.

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