As well as using the Resource Planner to see what all of your staff, vehicles, and venues are booked in for, you can also use it to allocate service bookings to them.

Get started

To allocate bookable resources, just drag unallocated opportunities from the services section at the bottom onto the row of a bookable resource at the top.

When you drag an opportunity over a bookable resource, the row will turn green to let you know that the contact, user, venue, or vehicle is set up for the service you’re dragging. For example, a “delivery” service might only be set up against vehicles, so those will turn green.

As you drag an item up and down, the screen will scroll automatically. If you have lots of bookable resources and services, you can filter the view using the fields at the top.

Reallocate service bookings

To re-allocate a service booking, simply drag the tile from one bookable resource to another. 

If a bookable resource was confirmed or booked out (green or red), it will now become allocated again. Head to the opportunity service view to confirm or book out the resource.

Deallocate service bookings

To deallocate a service booking, drag the tile from a bookable resource to the services view at the bottom of the Planner.

You cannot re-allocate or de-allocate opportunities that have been completed (black).

The opportunity service view

Don’t forget, you can use the opportunity service view to see an agenda-style overview of all services on a particular opportunity and allocate resources.

Check out our guide: What is the services view?

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