🎞️ What is the Resource Planner?

See a calendar of all of your bookable resources any opportunities with unallocated services with the Resource Planner.

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The Resource Planner is the calendar of all of your active contacts, users, vehicles, and venues that are set up as bookable resources for services.

Use the Resource Planner to:

  • see all of the bookings that you have for your staff members, vehicles, or rooms.

  • choose the date period that you see.

  • filter the view to see only particular services; internal or external bookable resources; and bookable resources with certain tags.

  • access service pages or bookable resource pages in your Current RMS system.

  • drag and drop to allocate, deallocate, or reallocate service bookings to bookable resources.

Your bookable resources

On the left hand side, you’ll see a list of all of your bookable resources and a list of the services that they’re set up for.

Hover over a bookable resource to see key information and full list of their services and stores. Click or tap to jump through to their page in Current.

Not set up bookable resources? Use our handy guide: Make a contact a bookable resource

Your services

Underneath the list of your bookable resources on the left is a list of all of the services in your system. 

Need to set up services? Check out: Create services

The calendar view

On the right, you’ll see a calendar view. The screen shows a month starting from the beginning of the working week by default; scroll horizontally to see future days.

Each tile in the calendar view represents a service booking on an opportunity. The color of each block represents the status of the opportunity item.

  • Unallocated (order)
    Blue tiles will appear beneath the grey line for services. These are unallocated orders.

  • Unallocated (reservation)
    Light blue tiles will appear beneath the grey line for services. These are unallocated reserved quotations.

  • Allocated (order)
    When a bookable resource has been allocated to an order as a service, tiles turn orange.

  • Allocated (reservation)
    When a bookable resource has been allocated to a reserved quotations as a service, tiles turn light orange.

  • Provisional quotation
    Provisional quotations, both allocated and unallocated, are gray blocks to make it clear that these aren't yet fully reserved.

  • Confirmed
    Once a bookable resource has been confirmed from the opportunity service view, it turns green.

  • Booked out
    After you’ve booked out your contacts, users, vehicles, or venues from the opportunity service view, it will turn red.

  • Completed
    Completed services for opportunities show up as black.

  • Period of unavailability
    You can set up a period of unavailability for your bookable resources. These activities show up as red.

Hover over any tiles to see more opportunity service information, including the store and dates & times that this service is required for on the opportunity. Click on a tile to go through to the opportunity.

Filter and search this view

Use the fields at the top to filter and search the Resource Planner.

  • Start Date
    Select a start date for this view. You’ll see a month ahead from the date you select here.

  • Services
    Filter your bookable resources by the services they can perform and will only show these services at the bottom.

  • View
    See a month, week, or three days ahead of the start date you've selected.

  • Filter
    Choose between booked, internal, or external resources, useful if you have a lot of freelancers and only wish to see your internal resources.

  • Tags
    Filter to see only bookable resources that match all tags entered.

Allocate bookable resources to opportunities

To allocate bookable resources to your opportunities, simply drag unallocated service bookings from the bottom up onto available bookable resources.

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