Check availability for an opportunity

Stay on top of availability for a particular opportunity by using the opportunity stock screen.

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Knowing that you’ve got enough stock to fulfil a job is important. Use the opportunity stock screen from an opportunity to get an overview of availability across your opportunity. 

Get started

To access the opportunity stock screen, head into an opportunity and click Availability under Actions. This shows availability for the dates of your opportunity.

There are two sections to this screen:

  • A list of available products at the top.

  • A list of any overbooked stock at the bottom.

Overbooked stock is always expanded by default, so you can start resolving shortages that require your attention.

As with other availability screens, each tile represents a period of availability. 

View other bookings

To see other bookings for a product for the period, click on the row of the product you’d like to see more information about. A new section appears at the bottom of the screen that shows all of the bookings. 

The colors of each tile indicate the date from the extended scheduler of the opportunity the product is on – this is great for quickly spotting any products that you could turn around more quickly to resolve a shortage. 

All of the colors are described in the key at the bottom. 

To click through to an opportunity or quarantine, click on the name on the left of the bookings list.

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