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Change your billing details

Add or update your card, switch plan, and get copies of previous invoices from Billing Information

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Head to System Setup > Billing Information to access important information related to your account:

  • Change your company name and tax number

  • Adjust your billing address

  • See information about your plan, price, and subscription status

  • View and change the card information for your subscription

  • Switch plan

  • Grab copies of previous invoices

Get started

Go to System Setup > Billing Information to see and make changes to your subscription.

Change you company information

Use the fields at the top of the screen to adjust your company information. Some of this will have been populated when you signed up.

  • Company name
    Change your company name here.

  • Tax registration number
    Enter your tax number here. A VAT charge will be applied for purchases by all entities within the European Union, except for companies registered within the EU but outside of the UK in possession of a valid VAT number.

  • Billing address
    Where is your company registered? This appears on invoices sent by Current RMS for your subscription.

Your plan

Details of your plan are listed under the billing address. You’ll see the plan you’re on, price, total billing amount, subscription status, and next billing date.

Add or update your card information

Use the card details section to add or update the card information used for your Current RMS subscription.

  • If you’re in trial, add your card here.

  • If you’re on a paid plan, use the Change Card Details link to change the card used for your subscription.

Switch plan

At the bottom of this screen, hit the red button to switch plan. We offer both a monthly and an annual plan – the annual plan offers a discount of two months over paying monthly!

Check out our pricing page for prices in your region.

To change plan, you'll need to be the owner user of your system. Set your owner user in System Setup > Company Information.

Download invoices

Copies of the last twelve subscription invoices are available to download at the bottom of this page. Grab copies using the download link.

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