Managing Bulk Store Transfers

How to manage bulk store transfers

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Getting an overview of your transfers and controlling who has access works the same as our other modules - you can use views to see a list of active transfers, search for them, view an audit trail in the Action Log and set role permissions to control access.

Viewing your transfers

Go to Resources > Bulk Store Transfer to see a list of all the transfers across your company.

You can use the search box to filter by destination or a transfer number, the View dropdown to use our own predefined filters or even create your own custom views as well for extra insight.

Action Log

When a transfer has been confirmed, an entry in the Action Log is created which shows who confirmed the transfer, when they did it and the reference number. This won't list every item on the transfer, but it does provide a link to take you to its transfer page and stock transactions are also recorded against each product when they are transferred out.

Controlling role access

Bulk Store Transfers are just like any other module in the system and so you can customise the level of access you wish to give by simply going through the System Setup menu, selecting a role and giving it access rights to the Bulk Store Transfer module.

Deleting transfers

If a transfer has been created by mistake or you just want to cancel it then you simply just need to load the transfer through the main Bulk Store Transfer page and click the Delete icon.

Note: Once a transfer has been completed then it cannot be deleted, although you can delete transfers at any point until then.

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