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View a user account to see actions throughout the system
View a user account to see actions throughout the system

See colleague contact information as well as any activity in Current RMS by checking out their user account page.

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A user account page brings together all of a person’s activity in Current RMS, giving you an overview of what your colleague is up to along with their contact details.

Anyone who has an account set up in System Setup > Users will have a page in your People & Organizations section.

Get started

Head to People & Organizations and search for the user account you’d like to see. To see all user accounts, hit View and choose Filter Selection. Then tick the users box.

Links to places in Current RMS

On the left hand side of the page, you’ll see all of the links that this user has to places in your Current RMS system, including:

  • Pending activities
    A list of any activities that aren’t yet completed. 

  • Discussions
    A list of the first five discussions regarding this user account.

  • Opportunities
    Any open opportunities that this user is a participant of. 

  • Attachments
    Store important files related to a user on by uploading them as an attachment. 

Use the view all… links at the bottom of those sections to see all of the records. For example, hit view all opportunities to see a list of all opportunities involving this user, including those that are completed or cancelled.

Security and recent active sessions

The Security heading on the right provides a quick overview of an account’s last login information. Click Recent Active Sessions under Actions to see more details about where an account has been logged in recently and the last action on a particular session.

Keep in mind that the location is an estimate based on internet technologies so might not always be 100% accurate, but it’s still a good general indicator of an account’s whereabouts.

Recent actions

Get a full audit trail of a colleague’s activity in your Current RMS system by checking recent actions. See things such as when an invoice was marked as paid, when a document was printed, when items were added or updated, when opportunities were deleted, and more in this list.

Click view all actions at the bottom of this section to see a list of every action recorded for this user. Use the search box at the top to filter. 

Remember you can use the Action Log in System Setup to get an overview of actions across your system: See all actions across the system using the Action Log

Common questions

How do I add users?

You can’t create user accounts in People & Organzations; adding user accounts incurs a charge so it’s something you manage in System Setup instead.

Can I edit my user profile?

Sure can! From any page in Current, click on your picture at the top-right and choose Edit your profile from the menu.

Why can’t I see recent actions?

Only administrator users can see recent actions. Whether or not you’re an administrator is something that’s decided within your company – it’s not something that the Current team can change. If you’re not an administrator, speak to the main Current RMS user about your account. 

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