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Make a contact, user, or venue a bookable resource
Make a contact, user, or venue a bookable resource

Tell the system which services your contacts, users, or venues are available for to make them bookable for those services on opportunities.

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A bookable resource is a person, vehicle, or venue that you can assign to services on an opportunity. For example, you might include a rigger to set up a stage or a sound engineer with a mixing console.

  • The service is what your customer sees, e.g. you are providing 2x Lighting Techs for 4x hours.

  • You set up a list of bookable resources for that service and assign them to this opportunity once confirmed, e.g. “Sam Miller” and “Jo Thomas” are the specific Lighting Techs you’re sending.

To learn more about services, start here: What’s a service?

Get started

When creating or editing a contact, user, or venue, toggle the Bookable Resource slider to YES. You’ll see a new services section open up.


Add costs for each rate type for this bookable resource..

The costs entered here are a general cost for this bookable resource. They are used when a cost isn’t added when adding a bookable resources from a service page.

You can set more specific costs for contacts, users, or venues when performing particular services. For example, a contact might be both a Lighting Engineer and General Technician. Their rate is $10 generally, but as a lighting engineer their rate is $120. 

Set these costs against the Service page, see: Add bookable resources to your services

Choose services

Click the green add a service button to choose the services that this contact, user, or venue is available for.

To make them available to multiple stores, create a service for each store.

Don’t see any services? Head to: Create services

Choose dates

You can also pick the dates that this contact, user, or venue is available from and to – useful for cases when a staff member is leaving or someone isn’t yet fully trained.

Leave the dates blank if you wish the resource to be available for any date.

A contact, user, or venue won’t be bookable for a service before or after the dates you choose here.

Mark as an external resource

For contacts and venues, you can change the Resource Location to External to note that this staff member or venue isn’t a part of your business.

This is just a note for your reference and doesn’t impact charging or costing. You’ll see this in the Resource Planner and services view when allocating services.

Setting a contact as internal is a great way to help you to identify a member of staff who you have not set up with a user account in Current. 

Next steps

Now you’ve set up your contact, user, or venue as a bookable resource:

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