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Build a database of venues that you deliver to frequently to save time when putting together opportunities.

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If you find that you’re delivering to the same places regularly, add those places to your Current RMS system as venues.

  • Rather than manually typing in a delivery address, choose a venue when putting together an opportunity and Current will auto-fill it for you.

  • Store any relevant information against the venue page.

  • Pull through fields – including custom fields – to document layouts generated from an opportunity or project.

Get started

Head to People & Organizations and hit the green add venue button at the top-right.

General details

  • Name
    The only required field. The venue’s name.

  • Tags
    Tags are a bit like smart folders or categories; they help you find and filter information. Tag your venue if you wish. Hit enter to lock a tag in.

  • Image
    Browse for an image from your local device by clicking choose file

Contact information

Beneath the tags box, there's buttons to add in telephone numbers, email addresses, web links, and addresses.

There’s no limit to the number of these fields that you can have, so add as many as you need.

If you’re planning to use Discussions, keep in mind that a venue must have a valid work email address listed here in order to be added as a participant to a discussion.

To remove something, click the red delete button to the right of it.


Any notes about this venue? Enter some descriptive text here that will be shown at the top of an organization page.


  • Active
    You’ll probably want to leave this as YES. Setting a venue as inactive is a good way of keeping your Current RMS system clutter-free when you no longer use them.

Bookable resource

Make your venue available for services by toggling the Bookable Resource slider to YES. See: Make a contact, user, or venue a bookable resource

If you’ve not set up services yet, you can come back to this later. 

Common questions

Can I create rooms within venues or sub-venues?

Not right now. We recommend creating each room as a venue within Current RMS. If this is something that you’d really like to see added to Current, let us know.

How do I add venue fields to my document layouts?

Familiar with HTML & CSS? Use the venue object to add venue fields to a document, e.g. {{ venue.description }}  to add the venue’s description to an opportunity document.

Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with HTML & CSS – we offer a free service to customize document layouts. Start a conversation with us using the green help bubble and let us know your requirements ↘️

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