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Troubleshoot your QuickBooks Online integration
Troubleshoot your QuickBooks Online integration

Some common error messages and how to resolve them

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Having trouble with our QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration? This guide runs through common error messages and how to resolve them.

The organization is not mapped to a QuickBooks customer

The organization set up against this invoice isn’t linked to a customer in QBO.

To resolve, head to the organization page in People & Organizations and edit it. In the “Linked QuickBooks Customer” field, enter the name of the customer in QBO that you’d like to link this organization to.

If the customer isn’t created in QBO, head to QBO and create it there. Then edit the organization in Current RMS to create the link.

Revenue Group ‘Rental’ is not mapped to a QuickBooks product/service

It sounds like you’ve not mapped a revenue group against an invoice line item to a product/service in QBO. 

To resolve, go to System Setup > Integrations > QBO and make sure all of your Revenue Group Mappings are correct. You’ll also want to make sure that your default product/service is set.

The save of the QuickBooks Invoice failed with error message(s): Duplicate Document Number Error: Duplicate Document Number Error : You must specify a different number. This number has already been used. 

Our integration creates invoices and credit memos in QBO using the invoice and credit number from Current RMS.

If your QBO account has “Custom transaction numbers” turned on, you’ll need to make sure that your invoice numbers don’t overlap with those in Current RMS. 

Set your invoice numbering sequence in Current RMS in System Preferences.

Once you’ve changed your invoice numbering sequence so it matches the next number in QBO, void the invoice with the overlapping number in Current by clicking Void Invoice under Actions from the invoice page.

The save of the QuickBooks Customer failed with error message(s): A business validation error has occurred while processing your request: Business Validation Error: This name is being used by another vendor. Please use a different name. You can merge names only when their type (customer, vendor or employee) matches.

It sounds like you’re creating an organization in Current RMS and have the “Create a linked QuickBooks customer when creating an Organization?” setting on.

Current RMS is trying to create a new linked customer, but there’s already a customer, vendor/supplier, or employee in QBO with the same name as this organization.

To resolve:

  • On the create organization screen, enter the name of the customer in QBO in the “Linked QBO Customer” field. Current will suggest from customers in QBO, just choose one.

  • Change the name of the organization in Current so it doesn’t match the QBO customer.

If nothing is suggested in the linked customer field, it suggests that there’s a vendor/supplier or employee that has this name in QBO. Customers, vendors, and employees must have unique names in QBO. Current cannot create a customer. 

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